Overview of the workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to review and discuss recent advances in cluster studies as well as future observations with upcoming facilities, in order to aim at deeper understanding physics related to galaxy clusters. We invite 15 or so experts working on X-ray and gamma-ray observations with Suzaku, NuSTAR, Astro-H, eROSITA, Fermi, Planck, the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) survey, radio halos and relics observations, gravitational lensing studies and theoretical studies. The workshop focuses on cluster physics related to gas physics, particle acceleration, dark matter and dark energy. This workshop is partly supported by the Funds for the Development of Human Resources in Science and Technology under MEXT, Japan, and "Core of Research for the Energetic Universe (CORE-U)" in Hiroshima University.

Invited speakers

  • Hiroki Akamatsu (Suzaku)
  • Tetsu Kitayama (SZ)
  • Erwin Lau (Theory)
  • Lucas Lombriser (Theory)
  • Kuniaki Masai (Theory)
  • Kyoko Matsushita (Suzaku)
  • Jean-Baptiste Melin (Planck)
  • Satoshi Miyazaki (HSC)
  • Masamune Oguri (Theory)
  • Nobuhiro Okabe (Weak-lensing)
  • Naomi Ota (Astro-H)
  • Kosuke Sato (Chemical evolution)
  • Aurora Simionescu (Suzaku)
  • Takayuki Tamura (3.5 keV line)
  • Reinout van Weeren (Radio)
  • Daniel Wik (NuSTAR)
  • Yuying Zhang (eROSITA)
  • And more speakers under negotiation